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From A Buried Past

An intriguing journey that uncovers the scandalous and thought-provoking tale of family secrets, lies, lust, and abuse.


It's Pandora's Box Unleashed

IndieReader Review

Reviewed by James Weiskittel - IndieReader RATING: 4.4 

With UNSPOKEN TRUTH: From A Buried Past, Kylen S. Barron unearths a trove of long-buried family secrets and, in the process, delivers a deeply personal story with a high level of relatability. A raw, intimate exploration of the painful secrets exposed in the wake of a family tragedy. UNSPOKEN TRUTH is a highly engaging read. Barron’s conversational prose and confessional demeanor serve her story well, so much so that there are portions of her story read like a heartfelt letter from a dear friend.


And if there’s one overarching lesson to be learned from the book it’s the pronounced and lasting impact parents have on their children.

eBook & paper back version available.

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Kylen S. Barron 

About The Author

Born, raised, and educated in Philadelphia, PA, and Cottageville/Walterboro, SC.  Kylen has a twin brother and six other siblings.  She spent many years traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast, California to New York and Canada, managing her children’s acting careers, coaching them through many scripts and auditions while achieving SAG/AFTRA status, with featured principle appearances in many roles.  She has worked closely with pioneers in the industry, with various directors and actors in national and regional commercials, soap-opera-daytime television, music videos, and featured films. 

A Retired Executive Director for AMarriage Entertainment, LLC, a Philadelphia-based recording studio; her experiences were inspired by her many years in the entertainment industry as a script-reader and acting coach, a  consultant for playwrights, and organizing local and regional concert venues.  Her noted experiences would provide a roadmap that would allow her to pursue a lifelong passion for writing, to publishing her first non-fiction book: “Unspoken Truth- From A Buried Past.”